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Publikasi Jurnal Nasional - Air Pollutant Emissions in Batam : an Overview

Andy Triwinarko, S.T., M.T.

This paper aims at providing high quality air pollutant emissions analysis, so that policy makers have reliable information in shaping environmental priorities. The study was conducted in Batam, a special economic zone that is packed by industries.Emissions of NOx, CO, SOx, PM10, and HC were estim . . . . . .

Publikasi Seminar Nasional -  Effect of a Non-Tight Constructions of DC-Link and Damping Oscillation to Improve the Efficiency of Fly-back Converter. 

Didi Istardi, S.T., M.SC.

This paper deals with improvement of the efficiency of fly-back converter that was used in traction drives application. There are lots of researches in this area and also some techniques to increase the performance of the converter. In this paper, the reference of the converter was modified in a non . . . . . .

Publikasi Seminar Nasional -  Design of Semi-Automatic Soft Contact Lens Indexer Inspection

Didi Istardi, S.T., M.SC.

Based on the consumer requirement for innovative products soft contact lens with international standards that can be useful to improve the quality of human life. Soft contact lens companies are always trying to develop methods of inspection their products to exceed the expectations of its customers. . . . . . .

Penelitian - Pembuat Mesin Inpeksi Produk Remote Kontrol

Didi Istardi, S.T., M.SC.

. . . . . .