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Approve : Sugi Hapni    Author : Siti Aisyah, S.T., M.Sc. & Fitri Arnia    Viewer : 99 view     Download : 2 download    


A good quality image is required in various applications such as object identification and authentication. This research presents the performance of image resolution enhancement method, in which the low-resolution image originated from low-resolution CCTV video. The enhancement method is initialized by averaging video frames and continued by interpolating the resulted images using the existing interpolation techniques, namely bilinear, bicubic, nearest neighbor and spleen. Frame rate of 15 and 25 frames per second (fps) has been applied to the testing video. The result shows that the differences of frame rate and number of the averaged frame would affect image quality. Subjective assessment of respondents of MOS above 3 has been obtained by increasing the frame rate and the number of averaging frames.

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Vol 77, No 22: Emerging and Current Issues In Engineering, Mathematics and Technology Disciplines Vol. 1