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 Akustik Pasif untuk Penerapan di Bidang Perikanan dan Ilmu Kelautan

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APPLICATION OF PASSIVE ACOUSTIC FILED FOR FISHERIES AND MARINE SCIENCE. Detects the sound frequency range of fish, the intensity of the sound amplitude, sound fluctuations, and shape the sound patterns of the fish. Passive acoustic methods used to monitor marine mammals expressed. In general, the signal obtained from the ranimal record sounds is poor and difficult to determine from which directions it is produced, therefore it requires that require amplification / strengthening. Bioacoustic research is needed to identify the communication language (Acoustic communication) in mammals. Bioacoustic detectmammal-produced frequency ranges of sound, amplitude intensity of sound, voice fluctuation, and form sound patterns of mammals. studying bioacoustic is inseparable from the science of underwater acoustics, biology of mammals, and the study of mammalian behavior. Generally bioacoustic include physiologi of mammals organ that produce sound, earnings voice mechanism, sound characteristics of mammals, mammals sound approaching mechanism, the hearing capacity of fish, and the evolution of the auditory system, and to obtain the frequency range of each sound produced produced by the dolphins (mammals). Environmental conditions and parameters (salinity and temperature) will greatly affect the value of the intensity and frequency generated from the target, the more extreme the environmental conditions, the lower value of the intensity and frequency generated.

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Terbit pada OSEANA Majalah Ilmiah Semi Populer Volume XLI Nomor 2 Tahun 2016 | 41-50 | ISSN: 0216-1877