Polibatam Press di Tengah Pandemic Covid-19 Dalam Rangka Mendukung Kemandirian Ekonomi dan Budaya Kewirausahaan

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Lestari, Nanik
Mayasari, Mega
Santiputri, Metta
Brajawidagda, Uuf
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Universitas Muhammadiyah Mataram
The short-term objective of the PPUPIK Polibatam Press program is to fulfill the demands of textbooks and practicum modules from internal consumers at Politeknik Negeri Batam. Furthermore, the long-term goal is to produce a variety of products, not only in the form of textbooks and practicum modules, but also to provide various other printing services. The method of implementing this activity is like a book publishing entity in general. Some of the constraints or obstacles experienced were mainly related to the Covid-19 pandemic, which reduced purchasing power and decreased the productivity of the writers. To support marketing during the pandemic, in addition to social media such as the first year, Polibatam Press also operate marketing through digital marketplaces, namely Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Blibli, Lazada and Google Play Book. However, there are also supporting factors that can be utilized, including the emergence of a new product in the form of e-book as many as 20 titles, which is in good demand during this pandemic. In the next implementation of PPUPIK program, it is necessary to perform strategic steps that have been planned, especially to adapt with the new normal situation during the Covid-19 pandemic, therefore e-book production and marketplace marketing need to be continuously developed. In addition, socialization through webinars held by Politeknik Negeri Batam is also continued, so that Polibatam Press can reach the academic community outside Polibatam.
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