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    Penunjuk Arah Kiblat (e-qiblat) Menggunakan Metode Koordinat Posisi Goegrafi dan GPS
    (Politeknik Negeri Batam, 2014-08-06) Rafina Anggreni, Raja; Eka Apriyani, Meyti
    Facing the Qibla be legitimate requirement for Muslims who want to pray, both the obligatory prayers five times a day or the other circumcision prayers. One of the right solutions that Muslims can be easily finding the location of correct qibla direction is with provide application qibla locator. Application design of qibla locator based on android operating system is often be found just show the direction of qibla with compass media and not yet in the form of a map. Tests carried by searching location geographic position of user and direction of the qibla with a few times experiments show that the aplication of qibla locator is function properly
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    Karakteristik Spasial Kondisi Oseanografi dan Peranannya terhadap Sumberdaya Ikan Pelagis di Perairan Samudra Hindia Barat Sumatera
    (Politeknik Negeri Batam, 2019) Nazi, Muhammad; Putra, Andrey Eka; Lubis, Muhammad Zainuddin; Priatna, Asep
    The conditions of oceanographic parameters and the abundance of distributions of pelagic fish cannot be separated by its relevance. The western part of Sumatera sea and its surrounding significantly influence of the water mass coming from the Indian Ocean, which could change frequently, both in terms of oceanography and primary productivity in there. The aim of this study is to investigate the characteristics of oceanography and its impact on pelagic fish’s density in WPP-NRI 572, which located in the western part of Sumatera Seas. Fisheries data were obtained from Marine Research and Fisheries Center (BRPL) Bogor. The data are filled with some information such as fishing area's coordinates, and pelagic fishes catch during 16th October to 08th November, 2015. Monthly composite satellite, MODIS data, such as chlorophyll-a related to the month of observation, some oceanographic parameters which had been accosted by BRPL with their CTD are using to know the impacts between oceanography condition and fishes density. The results show that the highest pelagic density is located in West Sumatera Area, with range scale 313.3 – 391.6 mg/m3, so does SST with an average range between 29.7OC – 30.40OC. It was noted that the area also had the highest interpretation of the value of chlorophyll-a as well as the lowest salinity value around 31.03 PSU - 31.83 PSU. Pelagic fish catches in this study occurred in the transition of monsoon II.
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    Pembuatan Peta Bidang Tanah Berdasarkan Permohonan yang Diajukan pada Kanwil BPN Provinsi Kepulauan Riau dengan Menggunakan Gnss (Studi Kasus: Pulau Telejek Kelurahan Galang Baru, Batam)
    (Politeknik Negeri Batam, 2019) Apriliani, Dhilla; Khintan, Khintan; Perananda, Ade; Gustin, Oktavianto; Munir, Misbakhul
    The measurement and mapping the land is one of the part of activities in registration the land to find out all the boundaries of land parcels owned by utilizing the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) method of Real Time Kinematic (RTK) -Radio and Map of Land Plots which have already been used to register land. In General, the measurement of the land in BPN areas are done with terrestrial, photogrammetric, remote sensing and other method. The tools which is used in measurement tapestries usually in form of Theodolite, Total Station, and the Measuring Tape, but with the great development in technology and navigation, part of national land agency office has already utilize the measurement by using extra trial in form of GNSS survey technology, one of the GNSS method RTK- Radio. The measurement using GNSS survey method RTK-Radio is chosen because in general this method is the best method for reaching the coordinate with high-accuracy in short time. The results of the measurements are in the form of a map of the land plot of Telejek, Galang Baru Village, Galang District, Batam City. Maps of Land Plots that have already been completed can be used to carry out Land Registration.
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    Pemetaan Topografi Rencana Jalur Pipa Gas di Daerah Langgam Kabupaten Pelalawan
    (Politeknik Negeri Batam, 2019-06-20) Fatureza, Dio Arba; Roziqin, Arif; Syaifuddin, Muhammad
    Indonesia's geographic location results in great amount of natural resources that it has, for instance, natural gas and oil resources. Indonesia is one of world's largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Thus, Indonesia started the infrastructure development planning, such as underground pipeline and underwater pipeline construction. Surveying is used to observe underwater pipeline construction plan. Moreover, surveying will provide proper illustration of the geographical condition of the pipeline construction, topographic features information, ground surface profile, also provide information of the condition map. Data that is processed is the data acquired from field measurement using Electric Total Station (ETS) and Geodetic Global Positioning System (GPS), using open traverse surveying and Real Kinetic System (RTK) method, moreover, acquired data is processed using Computer Aided Design (CAD). The aim of this study is to be a reference and can be taken into consideration for the Langgam area underground natural gas pipeline construction decision making. The final output of this study are contour map, cross section and longitudinal profile map which shows elevation difference information and topographic features, also condition map in the form of Langgam area underground natural gas pipeline construction plan map.
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    Pemetaan Topografi Untuk Pembangunan Lahan Di Desa ujung Batu Kecamatan Ujung Batu Kabupaten Rokan Hulu, Riau
    (Politeknik Negeri Batam, 2019-06-20) Kurniawan Daulay, Ari; Syaifuddin, Muhammad
    In the present, the information is increasing highly, especially information about spatial data. This information as an important role and is applied in various fields which are used as the basic for making good decision, especially for survey and mapping. This research was conducted to get a visualization of the land from the measurement results using the Total Station. The result was represented as topography maps and visualization of cross section and long sections of the location. The results of data acquisition using the total station, the lowest elevation point is 11.039 m and for the highest point is 16.104 m with a land area of ± 5792.56 m2. Overall, from the measurement resul ts for elevation values in the location, it tends to be flat, there is no significant height difference because there are no areas are too steep at the location.