Smart Monitoring Temperatur & Kelembaban Ruang Server Berbasis Web Menggunakan Raspberry PI

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Rinaldi, Rio
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Politeknik Negeri Batam
This Research introduces wireless sensor of wemos dht shield where can read the condition of temperature and humidity. Build a system and network that will be functionally as monitoring condition of server room temperature and humidity. System visualize the temperature and humidity data on a web based program with real time graph of highcharts. The Log data of temperature and humidity will be recorded in MySQL DBMS. Recorded log data displayed in datatables structure. The purpose of this system is to avoid a computer server from overheat were caused by high temperature in server room and also caused by a failed air conditioner. Raspberry Pi is a micro controller device were functionally as a web server and processing the data received from wireless sensor. System can provide a notification into smart phone with whatsapp application. Registered user in whatsapp application can do some command and raspberry will processing the command with youwsup service. This system can provide fast response when it happened the temperature rise to the limit of the standard server room health.
Teknik Elektro, Mekatronika, Computer Sciences, Knowledge, Systems