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    Smart Monitoring Temperatur & Kelembaban Ruang Server Berbasis Web Menggunakan Raspberry PI
    (Politeknik Negeri Batam, 2017-07-07) Rinaldi, Rio; Kushardianto, Nur Cahyono
    This Research introduces wireless sensor of wemos dht shield where can read the condition of temperature and humidity. Build a system and network that will be functionally as monitoring condition of server room temperature and humidity. System visualize the temperature and humidity data on a web based program with real time graph of highcharts. The Log data of temperature and humidity will be recorded in MySQL DBMS. Recorded log data displayed in datatables structure. The purpose of this system is to avoid a computer server from overheat were caused by high temperature in server room and also caused by a failed air conditioner. Raspberry Pi is a micro controller device were functionally as a web server and processing the data received from wireless sensor. System can provide a notification into smart phone with whatsapp application. Registered user in whatsapp application can do some command and raspberry will processing the command with youwsup service. This system can provide fast response when it happened the temperature rise to the limit of the standard server room health.
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    Monitoring Pasang-Surut Air Laut Portable Berbasis Web
    (Politeknik Negeri Batam, 2018-09-03) Manullang, Christyanto; Pamungkas, Daniel Sutopo
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    Algoritma Menghindari Lawan pada Robot Barelang 7.1
    (Politeknik Negeri Batam, 2018-06-06) Tinambunan, Devi Gusnaensi; Sugandi, Budi; Prayoga, Senanjung
    KRI is an Indonesia robot contest which consists of 4 main categories and one of them is the Indonesia Soccer Robot Contest (KRSBI). On the rules during the game of Wheeled KRSBI, the robots are strictly forbidden to hit or push the opponent robot. If that is the case then the robot will get a yellow card. The robots also are at risk of getting a red card then ejected from the field if the robot hits an opponent with a bang. To prevent this, the author has designed an algorithm to avoid and reduce the intensity of a robot doing a physical contact with opponents. The algorithm was formed from the combination of vision cameras and sensors ping. The camera will detect the opponent robot based on the color of its identity. Color identity must be filter for separating it from the background so it can be identified. The filter used is the color filter HSV plus filter erosion, dilation, and controls the blob. The opponent's robot detection is also facilitated with the use of a Parallax Ping sensor. Sensors ultrasonic wave shooting into the opponent's robot and then receive back the reflections so that known distance between them. After testing done against this system, robot Barelang 7.1 can detect opponent robots with good result. The robot can detect his opponent from a distance of 50 cm to 5.5 meters. Once detected, the robot would avoid his opponent while approximately ≤ 40 cm.
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    Rancang Bangun Pendeteksi Api Berbasis Vision untuk Pengendalian Kamera Pengawas
    (Politeknik Negeri Batam, 2018-01-03) Riyadi, Dedy Slamet; Aisyah, Siti
    Fires is a disaster caused by flame or uncontrolled burning that can endanger human life, buildings and ecology. Fires are unpredictable when it will happens. For examples forest fire, Fires in housing or building can occur during the day or night. The use of CCTV/webcam which can monitor the location for 24 hours is very effective to prevent the occurrence of fire. Therefore, we built a system that can detect early fire based on image processing by using the method of HSV color segmentation . The system processes the data image which captured by the webcam in real time through the LabVIEW software. The fire detection process is done by using Image enhancement method and combined with result of HSV color segmentation to produce the segment object in the form of blob so that it can know the number of detected object and the center point of the fire object. Based on the results of testing and analysis, it is concluded that user control in terms of color sampling and color tolerance of fire objects have an important role in the segmentation process. The accuracy of the system that has been made is 98% with error of 0.25% for the detection conditions at night. The system is able to detect the presence of fire in real time around 30 fps at a resolution of 1024 x 768. Error detection is mainly caused by light reflections from lights or light sources on the surface of shiny objects.
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    Pembuatan Heating Unit untuk Trainer Kit ED-6830 dengan Metode Fuzzy Logic
    (Politeknik Negeri Batam, 2017-05-15) Yazid, Muhammad Hafiz; Kurniawan, Sumantri; Ridwan